RC Helicopter Syma S107 – Review

I ordered this helicopter along with three other helicopters. three from Syma and one particular off brand helicopter. I ordered many helicopters since the only ones I have flown happen to be 2 channel and if one particular broke I would have backup. I ordered the Syma S107 and S105 simultaneously, as well as the S107 arrived initial and the S105 arrived the following day. On my initial flight in the S107 I was shocked how stable and smooth the flight was.

Very Durable With Metal and Hard Plastic
The box says 14 and up but I think anyone could control this helicopter. It goes up, down, left, correct, forward, and backwards, all at a balanced speed that’s good for indoor flight. It isn’t also slow to be boring or also fast that you simply cannot management it. The trim button on the controller is fairly considerably not essential since it does not spin out of manage. I still haven’t adjusted the trim right after about 20 flights. Also, both Syma helicopters are Incredibly long lasting considering that they’re created of metal and really hard plastic. The blades are also sturdy. There are some variations within the S107 and S105.

Slightly Wider and Slightly Longer
The S105 is slightly wider and slightly longer. It also has two LED lights on every side and 1 within the front, a total of 6, which is usually cool or annoying, it just depends on preference. The Syma S107 Helicopter includes a single light around the front. The S105 appears to spin out extra than the Syma S107 RC Helicopter  and is extra hard to trim. This is an obvious flaw that was addressed using the newer S107, due to the fact it will not spin out in any respect. They each might be charged together with the controller or by a USB port in your laptop or computer which is beneficial for those who don’t wish to waste your batteries on your controller.

Extremely Durable
They the two use six AA batteries within the controller. The two helicopters are very long lasting and happen to be crashed several instances. My only complaint with them would be the flight time is only about five minutes, whilst I do not have something to compare it to since the other two helicopters I ordered are nevertheless not here however immediately after about per week along with a half. Also, the only possibility for shipping is common shipping. Overall I would suggest the syma helicopter s107 over the S105 as a consequence of the trim problem with the S105, but both are exceptional helicopters and they are a really great price tag.

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